John Boyd, The Cool Car Guy

I’m John Boyd, better known as The Cool Car Guy. At CoolCarGuy.com, I’ve embarked on a new venture to create a unique platform where I showcase and discuss cars that I personally think are cool. Having transitioned from running a traditional car dealership, my passion for automobiles continues to fuel this project. CoolCarGuy.com is developing into a hub for automotive enthusiasts, featuring engaging YouTube videos and personal stories about exceptional cars.

Besides CoolCarGuy.com, I also founded Freak Sites, a network of 15 unique websites offering classified ads in various niches. For an annual fee of just $99, individuals can post up to 99 ads per year—effectively making the cost as little as a dollar per ad. This innovative platform not only serves as a valuable advertising space but also provides a significant income opportunity for those interested in becoming affiliates for the Freak Sites brand.

Feel free to explore my other ventures beyond Wicked Darkness through the links below if you’re interested in learning more about what drives The Cool Car Guy. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or someone curious about unique online marketplaces, there’s something for everyone.

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Whether you’re battling personal demons or seeking a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare, I invite you to explore Wicked Darkness and discover a path to liberation. Feel free to explore my other ventures and how they intersect with my mission through the links below.

You’re welcome to explore my business activities on my contact page or dive into discussions on my YouTube channel and blog. Warning: my content may provoke strong reactions. I stand firm in my beliefs and am not swayed by opposing views. Everyone has the freedom to believe as they choose—whether it’s pigs flying or microbes evolving. As for me, I stand resolute in my faith in Jesus Christ, which has liberated me and grounded my identity.

Can you say the same? Unfortunately, many cannot. They lack spiritual grounding, drifting through life unaware of their true selves, living only by the flesh, akin to walking corpses. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you feel a tug in your spirit, if you suspect there’s more to life than what dominant voices suggest, my channel might just be for you. I aim to reach those battling with the forces of darkness, to illuminate truths that could free you from the chains of sin and lead you to profound, liberating knowledge.